This site is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and use of open and free computing practices and standards. I have started it with a sincere desire to assist others and to promote openess in computing. Hopefully, this site will help many of you in the same manner that so many others have helped me...

What's New and Changed

April 8, 2006
Version 1.5 of ChkBk has been released. ChkBk is a small program designed to help track your checking and savings account information. Some of the changes in this release are: Added search capabilities, auto fill in of zeros, various minor bug fixes, and minor code/interface cleanup. The full changelog can be found here.
April 5, 2006
Finally, I've decided on a design to use for the site and have it up and running. Now I can focus on adding content. The OpenBSD+Apache tutorial has been updated with the patched package names. A new version of ChkBk will be released shortly!